If you are hungry for something delicious and healthy, let us introduce a fresh new taste that you will love. Try anything from our mouthwatering gourmet wraps to our famous shish kabob dishes. We use the best quality meats, cooked on an open fire right in front of your eyes.

Persia and the countries bordered by the Mediterranean Sea produce some of the finest food the world has to offer. In many ways these countries are completely different from each other, but one thread links them all the love of good food.

If you are new to Mediterranean cuisine, you might be surprised to find that the food is not spicy or hot. Rather, most Mediterranean dishes are mild to the taste, drawing on a rich mixture of herbs and spices that are subtle yet pleasing to the palate.

Many Mediterranean dishes sound familiar, like kabobs, rice, flatbreads, yogurt, etc, however, they are quite unique in the spice and herb combinations used in preparation. Ingredients such as dried lime, saffron, rosewater, pomegranate paste, mint, turmeric, and sumac provide rich and delicate flavors to the many different stews, meats and rice dishes that are common to the Mediterranean table.

We invite you into our welcoming dining room to enjoy our delicious Mediterranean dishes and desserts. Try our aromatic and flavorful kabobs, rice dishes, and stews, as well as our Mediterranean appetizers, soups, salads, vegetarian offerings and unique desserts.

We make our own special marinades for the beef, lamb and chicken kabobs and then fire-grill them to perfection. Our wonderful stews are simmered for hours to achieve their delightful flavors, while we use only the finest imported Basmati rice.

At Pomanar we understand the importance of using absolutely fresh, healthy ingredients that are prepared with utmost care. Our entire family is involved with the restaurant and we rely on a trove of secret family recipes that are not only incredibly delicious but also nourish your body.